6 Great Tips for Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is something in between a tablet and a phone. It is a powerhouse packed with all cool features of mobile tech and of course tricks. This monster-sized blower has some features familiarising with Android affiliates and some exclusively for the TouchWiz user-interface of Samsung.

Below are the ten best tips for the dynamite Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for enriching the user experience.

  1. Switching off the S Pen Pop-up Window: A pop-up window is always seen as soon as you remove S Pen from its dock showing various options. It is handy up to a certain limit. So, now this can be switched off just by following the path: Settings>Controls>S Pen, their select option for Pen detachment, select “none”. Thus, when you remove the S Pen from the dock, the irritating menu will not come with so many options.
  2. Touchscreen: Galaxy Note 3 has capacitive touchscreen that doesn’t rely on the pressures for interaction. For responsiveness, this is really great, but is really sad that one cannot use the screen with gloves on hand. The tech boffins of Samsung found a solution for this enhancing the display screen sensitivity to overcome the problem. Use this path: Settings>Controls>Increase touch sensitivity and tick this option.
  3. One-Handed Operation: A 5.7-inch screen is quite a large display screen for phone and it becomes almost impossible to use it one-handed for a normal man. However, the elements of UI of the phone can be changed now and made easy to reach for one-handed operation. Just go to Settings>Controls>One Handed Operation Menu.
  4. Using Palm for Muting the Phone: Find out the option of Palm Motion in Settings>Controls and now you will be able to nullify the ringer of your phone Galaxy Note 3. You just have to hover the hand on top of the phone as if you are a technological God.
  5. Using Multiple Apps at a Time: The massive screen of Galaxy Note 3 is all perfect for experiencing multi-tasking, permitting to run two applications at the same time. Following the path: Settings>Device, enable the multi window option. A tab will be seen on left side of the screen. A selection of apps will be seen on tapping the screen for supporting this mode. Now, you can run more than one task each on its own window.
  6. Launching Applications in Pair: The multi-window feature is very good, though it eats up time for arranging many apps every time one opens them. So, now there is an option to open the apps in pairs. For this, simply open any two applications, which you would like to pair, scroll them downwards to the panel of the multi-window. An arrow will be seen at the bottom. By tapping this, an icon will be presented that shows a screen with sections. To create “pair”, tap this and this duo will appear at the multi-window panel’s top.

The beast Note 3 has much more to offer. With the above mentioned hints and tips, you can enrich your experience with this Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone.

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